Conjuror’s Box- 35mm, silent, 6 minutes @ 18 f.p.s- 2011

Conjuror's Box, the last work in the Muse of Cinema series, was made using several D.I.Y. collage techniques including: CINEGRAMMING, hand-painting, and the re-animation of magic lantern slides. Conjuror's Box takes the viewer through the looking glass, to immerse them in a fiery pane of hand-painted wonders. Conjuror’s Box summons forth primordial images of beauty from the hand painted imagery to images of transformation, metamorphosis, and chimera to· literary and even ancient, biblical references. The fiery hole becomes a mirror fusion of past and future deaths.

“Mene mene tekel upharsin”: ("The hand writing on the wall" ) is written on one of the magic lantern slides:

This idiomatic expression was used as a portent alluding to the demise of 35mm film. As Conjuror’s Box was made and finished on celluloid material, Conjuror's Box is a harbinger of doom for the flickering material. Upon starting this film in 2006, it was less apparent that the loss of celluloid would occur quite as rapid as time has proven that it would occur. This film is in effect a memento mori to the celluloid medium.


Conjuror's Box was awarded the Director's Choice Award from The Black Maria Film Festival, Jersey City, New Jersey


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