Glitter Gulch- Film/Video Hybrid, Triple Projection Rearscreen Installation in Chromadepth 3D with Original, Whimsical Sountrack By The Freddy McGuire Show


"Glitter Gulch" provides a meditation on consumer culture as it relates to desire, temptation and immediate gratification. The eight minute loop material was presented as a triple projection work with each section looping simultaneously. The neon imagery was shot in Kodachrome film and with my digital SLR camera, creating a glittering, urban nightscape that I started four years ago. Each of the three screens was 6 ft. wide immersing the viewer in a 18ft. long, neon cityscape in Chromadepth. "Glitter Gulch" paradoxically plays with the horrors & beauty of consumer culture, and built space with its glowing architectural forms, and was inspired by the writings of Marshall McLuhan. The sound has a similar structure to the images to further emphasize the illusion of musical and vocal riffs ricocheting across the planes of moving imagery, panning between each of the three sets of stereo speakers to further immerse the viewer in this stereoscopic realm. The soundtrack for "Glitter Gulch" is an original melody of desire composed by the dynamic team The Freddy McGuire Show (comprised of Bay Area sonic superstars Anne McGuire and Wobbly AKA Jon Leidecker). Shot in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Oakland & Albuquerque. Shot in Kodachrome 16mm film and digital video, this is a glittering urban nightscape, shot in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Albuquerque andOakland.

The Installation premiered in "Off the Strip", A New Genres Art Festival, at the Contemporary Art Centre in Las Vegas, Nevada- October 14th through the 17th, 2010

Glitter Gulch was installed at Space Gallery in Portland, Oregon in 2013.

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