Expanded Cinema, Projector Performance Works:

Fire Fly EYE - (2020) - Dual projector performance, San Francisco, CA

Proxima - (2019) - Dual Projector, San Francisco, CA

Figments in Film - (2019) - 16mm, San Francisco, CA

Eye of the Maelstrom - Dual projector, projector performance, San Francisco, CA

Mosswood - (2017) (Site Specific), Dual projector performance with live sound by Voicehandler, Black Sea Cinema, Oakland, CA

Kali of Technology - (2016)Trilogy with three projectors, sound by Wobbly, Maine International Film Festival, Crater Lab Barcelona, Spain, San Diego Underground Film Festival, Microscope Gallery, Brooklyn, New York

Transfixing Tryptich - (2016) Dual 16mm projectors and video projection (Rear screen), 20 minutes, Gray Area, Unseen Cinema Series, San Francisco, CA

Electric Salome - ( 2015) Dual projector performance with live sound by Voicehandler, Shapeshifters, Crossroads Festival of New Media, SF Cinematheque, Part of the City Luminous Series

Aladdin's Lamp - (2015) Triple Projector performance with live sound by Voicehandler, Part of the City Luminous Series

Spectacle of Light - (2014) Double projector performance with live sound by Voicehandler, Crossroads Festival of New Media, SF Cinematheque, Artists' Television Access, Part of the City Luminous Series

Solar Furnace - (2014) Double Projection 16mm, Custom-made looper, Sleight of hand, Premiered at Kala Institute, Animaviso International Animation Festival, Mexico City, Mexico

Trip the Light - (2012) Double Projection 16mm, Hand-Made soundtrack, Sleight of hand, Sound Collaboration with Neal Johnson, Performed at The Exploratorium (SF), Shapeshifters (Oakland), and Experiments in Cinema in Albuquerque, New Mexico

Velvet of Night - (2012) Single projection, Sleight of Hand, Hand-Made Soundtrack, Sound Collaboration with John Davis, Performed at : Shapeshifters (Oakland), Dennison University (Granville, Ohio), European Media Arts Festival (Osnabrueck, Germany), The Maine International Film Festival, (Waterville, Maine,) and Echo Park Film Center, (Los Angeles, CA)

The Color Red Bleeds Blue - (2011) Double Projection 16mm, Hand-Made Soundtrack, Performed at Antimatter Film Festival, Victoria BC, ATA (San Francisco), Crossroads Festival (San Francisco), Liminal Space and Arbor Cafe in Oakland, CA

1000 Deaths - (2011) Triple projection 16mm, with Live Sound By Wobbly, performed at the Berkeley Art Museum, Berkeley, CA, First performed at the Big Muddy Film Festival in 2010

Erotocinema - (2010) live projector performance using the Chromacinekaleidoscope and live video feed, with sonic reverberations provided by Eats Tapes (Marijke Jorritsma & Greg Zifcak).

Legerdemain - (2010) Dual 16mm projectors and shadowgraphic accompaniment with Stereo sound. A collaboration with Michael Proft. Performed at SF Cinematheque's Apparent Motion Series, Abandon Normal Devices, Manchester, England, The Horse Hospital and Cafe Oto, London, and The Star & Shadow Cinema Newcastle, England

10,000 Mile Race - (2008) 16mm- 5 minutes, A group Collaboration with the following filmmakers: Christian Bruno, Paul Clipson, Konrad Steiner, Jerry Hiler and Bill Basquin, Commissioned by Studio 27 & Sponsored by Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, San Francisco, CA

Little Bassy Velvet - (2008) Dual 16mm projectors, slides and sound collage with Stereo sound. Performed at Oddball Films, Artist Television Access & the Olympia International Film Festival

Hocus Pocus... ABRACADABRA - (2007), Dual 16mm projection, 35mm slides & video projection, Performed at: ATA & MadCat, San Francisco, Francis Ford Coppala's Winery Rubicon Estates in Napa Valley, OtherFilm Festival, Brisbane, Australia

Human Sexual Response (2007) Dual 16mm projection, with live sound mix- A collaboration with Stephen Parr. Performed at Oddball Films, San Francisco, CA

Muse of Cinema - (2005 & 2009) Hand-cranked through the 35mm ACME projector, Artist Television Access and the San Francisco Art Insitute, San Francisco, CA

Breathing for Others - (2002) Projector Performance, Triple 16mm projectors, optical sound the sleight of hand & Artist Television Access- S.F., CA 21 Grand- Oakland, CA

Uncle Ernie's Home Movies - (2001), Projector Performance, stereo sound, Artist Television Access, S.F.

S.O.S. - (2001) Film Installation/Projector Performance- A Collaboration with Maximilian Godino, Performed for SF Cinematheque's Sink or Swim event at Hunter's Point, San Francisco, CA

Trajectory - (1998) installation/Projector Performance- A collaboration with Wolfgang Suppan, Akademie Schloss Solitude, Romerstrasse part of a show "Multitude" Stuttgart Germany

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